Your Unique Wedding on the Costa del Sol

It’s almost always a great joy to DJ for a couple at their wedding.

A lot of time, thought and preparation has gone into their wedding day. It’s a unique day and a unique party.

On the day itself, all the ingredients are in place for a truly memorable party: the guests they want with them at a handpicked location they’ve chosen.

For a wedding on the Costa del Sol, many of those guests will have put a lot of time and effort and money into getting here. So they have a bigger investment into it, as well. Most people are out to have a great time. Over the years, one or two guests must have gone home with no memories of what they’d done, apart from what the others can tell them the next day! There is a downside to all those cocktails, the wine and the free bar…

Some of the most special weddings I’ve done have been for family and friends. Special because there´s that extra connection of knowing the couple. But one of my main selling points is that I want the music played at your wedding to be as personal to you as it can be. That makes sure it’s right for the people there.

I can’t know all the Brides and Grooms I DJ for. But we can get to know each other enough. Ideally, we can meet in person, put faces to the names, and I can get a good idea of the music you want and how you see the evening panning out.

We can chat on FaceTime, like I’ve done recently with couples from as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Gibraltar, which has been enough to make an effective introduction.

Or we can talk on the telephone, by email or WhatsApp. And, all the way up to the big day, we can use whatever works best.

And the reason why we share information: to make sure you get the music you want on your wedding day. That’s the important thing. The music your handpicked guests would choose, balanced between the different tastes there. 

And the DJ’s dilemma: what to do when one person shouts that you must play Happy Hardcore like Scooter NOW and someone else demands it has to be the latest Justin Bieber single. Maybe that’s why I’m not too worried about Spotify taking over all my work.

Spotify’s never going to drive home at the end of the evening, buzzing that it’s played a set that brought great joy to the Bride and Groom and their guests at their unique wedding. It won’t eat any sweets or cake either, but hey, that’s a different story…

Rob DJ

September 2015


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