Another great night at Villa Padierna

We had a great night at Villa Padierna last week for the wedding of Sam and Larry. Sam and Larry banned the Macarena, but danced and danced to a great mix of music. some of the highlights were YMCA, Jai Ho and you spin me right round. One of the guests sang a note perfect version of the Darkness I believe in a thing called love, and Josh and his friend scratching on my CD decks to some Flamenco chill music, possibly a musical first there!!!

The requests were for a huge range of music, R and B, pop music, plenty of disco, Abba, tons of great rock, Bon Jovi  and much much more.    

A great night with a brilliant friendly set of guests who made for a very special personable intimate wedding that Sam and Larry said they were delighted with and Villa Padierna said I had done another great job for them.

Wonderful pics by Phill Coe

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Villa Padierna


Had a great night at Villa Padierna rounding off a three day business conference.

It was great, a few people started dancing to the first song, Kiss by Prince and more and more people joined the dance floor and they stayed on. I played lots of requests, Sevillanas, Empire of the Sun, a couple of Rumbas, Gipsy Kings, some disco, Abba ,R & B, some club stuff, spanish pop, 80s favourites, Madonna, Kylie, Blue Monday, Scissor Sisters, Lady Gaga, some old classics like Mambo no 5, a bit of Michael Jackson and loads more finishing off with Prince (again!), Gorrilaz, Bob Marley and the theme song for their conference Baba O’Riley by the Who. 


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